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Archívum - Feb 16, 2019

Tippek az akkumulátorok kezelésére az iPad-en?

fiorasyndra1 · 2019. Feb. 16. (Szo), 04.54
Boost your download speed with Advanced Download Manager

Tired of slow download speed, incomplete downloads on your Android device? If you are looking for an Video downloadhelper android to speed up your downloads, Advanced Download Manager is a perfect solution. 

Rated 4.5 stars by users, this app is definitely one of the most powerful video downloaders you should install on your device. Advanced Download Manager will boost your download speed by splitting files into small pieces and then downloading them simultaneously. It also allows you to continue downloading broken files, so you do not have to start downloading from scratch, thus speeding up the entire process.

Friendly interface


Advanced Download Manager is designed in the material style by Google that will surely attract you right from the first sight. Just swipe to the left, you will see a menu with Quick Options where you can organize downloaded files by name, size or order, and filter them by formats or status. This app also allows you to adjust download speeds and the number of threads.

After the download is completed, you can easily open it and look up download information such as time, name, and size. ADM also offers an extended notification feature with an icon showing the speed and progress that allows you to stop or start downloading easier.