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Blink: A rendering engine for the Chromium project

Joó Ádám · 2013. Ápr. 4. (Cs), 13.46
Forkolja a Webkitet a Google


Hidvégi Gábor · 2013. Ápr. 4. (Cs), 17.12
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Historically, browsers have relied on vendor prefixes (e.g., -webkit-feature) to ship experimental features to web developers. This approach can be harmful to compatibility because web content comes to rely upon these vendor-prefixed names. Going forward, instead of enabling a feature by default with a vendor prefix, we will instead keep the (unprefixed) feature behind the “enable experimental web platform features” flag in about:flags until the feature is ready to be enabled by default. Mozilla has already embarked on a similar policy and the W3C CSS WG formed a rough consensus around a complementary policy.