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Developer Notes for prototype.js covers version 1.5.0_rc2

toxin · 2006. Dec. 31. (V), 14.53
aktualizált prototype fejlesztői jegyzet, immár az 1.5.0_rc2 -hez


toxin · 2007. Jan. 4. (Cs), 17.51
ajánlom továbbá mindenki figyelméba a lapon rendelhető pdf-et, hasonló felépítésű, de némiképp bővebb mint a developer notes, pl

Timed Form Observers
The Abstract.TimedObserver class is used as the base class for the other classes that will monitor one element until its value (or whatever property the derived class defines) changes. This class is used like an abstract class.
Subclasses can be created to monitor things such as the input value of an element, one of the style properties, the number of rows in a table, or whatever else you may be interested in tracking changes to.
Derived classes have to implement this method to determine the current value being monitored in the element.
initialize(element, frequency, callback)
Creates an object that will monitor element every frequency in seconds and call callback when the element changes.


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