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Opera 7 Preview - Linuxra

Bártházi András · 2003. Feb. 16. (V), 22.49
[hup] Letölthető az első próbaváltozat az Opera 7-es szériájából immáron Linux alá is. A próbaváltozatokhoz illően még nincs egy végleges változathoz kell mértékben tesztelve, illetve még nem minden szolgáltatást tartalmaz.

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From: Espen Sand
Newsgroups: opera.linux,opera.beta
Subject: Preview 1 of Opera 7 for Linux available
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 16:57:21 +0100

Hi all,

The first preview of Opera 7 for Linux is now available.
Please note that this is a preview. It has not been
tested as much as it would have been had it been a final
release. It is not feature complete. See below for more information.

The packages are available here:

Please take a look at this file as well to determine what
package to select:

There are still a number of rough edges:


- Most Linux specific features as in 6.1 are gone for now.
- DnD is not fully working
- There are some focus related problems.
- The preference dialog box is not synchronized with the new UI yet. This makes it hard to set fonts etc.
- Opera might hang a little bit the first time the banner is shown. This is a known problem which will be fixed.

Document and page display:

- Please report any page display related issues. We are aware
of that some dynamic menus pops up at a wrong position and it would be nice to be informed about sites that show this problem.

E-mail and News:

Opera now comes with an e-mail client and and a news client (m2). It is suggested that if you want to test the e-mail client and use the POP protocol to fetch message, then select the
"leave on server" check box since Opera 7 for Linux is still a


The install from tar.gz does not work 100%. You may want to do as described below (custom install):

Before you install:

Since this is a preview it might be a good idea to backup you
personal ".opera" directory. This can be done from the command line using "cp -a .opera .opera-mybackup" This will copy the entire contents of ".opera" to the ".opera-mybackup" directory.

Custom install:

Please note that Opera relies on certain files for proper behavior. These are the files located in the "ini" directory and the "skin" directory. If you just unpack the tar.gz package then verify you have copied the files to this location:

/usr/share/opera/ini/ (with contents - ini files)
/usr/share/opera/skin/ (with contents - zipped skin files)
/usr/share/opera/styles/user/ (with contents - custom css files)
/usr/share/opera/conmsg.html - For the javascript console
/usr/share/opera/hhd.ssr - Configuration file for small screen rendering

These files will not replace any current data in your setup.

Espen Sand