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Software Architect Wanted!

GaborS · Nov. 4. (P), 15.25
MakeIT is looking for a Software Architect, who’s got at least 2 years experience in this field and at least 2 years experience in web related development.
The main responsibilities of a software architect includes:
• Limit choices available during development by
• choosing a standard way of pursuing development
• creating, defining, or choosing an application framework for the application
• Recognize potential reuse in the organization or in the application by
• observing and understanding the broader system environment
• creating the component design
• having knowledge of other applications in the organization
• Subdivide a complex application, during the design phase, into smaller, more manageable pieces
• Grasp the functions of each component within the application
• Understand the interactions and dependencies among components
• Communicate these concepts to developers
Additional duties:
• Provides database support by coding utilities, repsonding to user questions, and resolving problems.
• Determines database structural requirements by analyzing client opreations, applications, and programming, reviewing objectives with clients, evaluating current systems
• Develops database solutions by designing proposed system, defining database physical structure and functional capabilities, security, back-up, and recovery specifications

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